2nd Yet Another Discrete Element Workshop

Aix-en-Provence  |  April 26-27, 2018 

Discrete-based modeling of multi-scale coupled problems



March 29 Update Registration has been closed

Registration is free of charge, with a limited number of participants. Registration includes two lunches (April 26 and April 27) and one dinner (April 26).

Participants whose institutions belong to the GeoMech research network will also have one night of accommodation (April 26 to 27) taken care of.

In order to register, please send an email to (with cc to and and before February 16 in case your institution is part of the GeoMech network) with the following information (depending on your status):

Mandatory information for every participant

  • First and last name


  • Institution


  • Attendance on April 26 ? (Yes / No)


  • Attendance on April 27 ? (Yes / No)


  • Participation to the dinner, evening of April 26 ? (Yes / No)



Optional information for every participant (for casual statistics purpose)

  • Which DEM code are you using ? (Please name, if possible)



Mandatory information for GeoMech participants


  • If yes, please confirm you would like having the April 26 night arranged for you ? (Yes / No)


  • If yes, which is your position ? (PhD or Grad student / Post-Doctoral researcher / Tenured or Tenure-track researcher) 


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